Telegram中文群组:Air Selangor promises to restore water to Hulu Selangor by Thursday

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Air Selangor says it will provide tankers to affected areas while supplies remain cut off. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 9, 2022.

WATER supply to 188 areas in Hulu Selangor is expected to be fully restored by 1am on Thursday, according to Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor).

Head of corporate communications Elina Baseri said this would be made possible as the repair and maintenance work on critical assets at the Sungai Rasa Water Treatment Plant, which began early today, is expected to be completed by 9pm tonight.

“Water will be restored in stages after the supply system is stabilised. The disruption period and restoration will differ based on location and water pressure,” she said in a statement.




Elina said Air Selangor will provide water tankers to the affected areas with priority on critical premises such as hospitals, clinics, dialysis centres and funeral parlours.

She said commercial customers can buy treated water at the Air Selangor customer service counters in Petaling and Gombak, and customers can fill their own tankers at two stations in Batu Caves and Damai Utama, Puchong.

Consumers can obtain information through the Air Selangor app, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds, or contact the Air Selangor contact centre on 15300.

Enquiries and complaints can also be submitted to the website help centre and the Air Selangor app, she added. – Bernama, August 9, 2022.


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